What? An update?

Yes, I’ve got Steamers and Composite projections added. Sorry to everyone for my ill-timed six-week absence. But, hey, it’s a free site.


39 thoughts on “What? An update?

  1. I hope you are well too! I know it’s too late this year, but how about all of us loyalist getting together a user driven pledge drive?
    BTW.. is composite of Cairo and Steamer or others?

    • I’m also interested in seeing some Error projections if anyone knows where to find them.

      And thanks for all you do, Mays!

  2. Thanks so much, great to have LPP back.

    I’ve been trying to upload my own projections but after I upload the CSVs, no data is displayed. I’m using “playerName” and “defaultPos”, but nothing shows up.. (i.e., not a single player name). Does anyone have any advice on how to get my own file to upload properly? Thanks a million.

  3. There are no strikeouts for Steamer projections now for the points league price guide. Will that be fixed? My league subtracts a point for each strikeout which affects the rankings significantly.

      • Very much appreciated. Thanks!

        Anyone have an opinion on whether the composites or Steamer is the better way to go? I get some strange rankings with steamer at SS and 3b…like Prado ranked #2 at 3B and Andrus and Cabrera ranked higher than Castro at SS.

  4. Many thanks, Mays. This is a great, great resource!

    Something looks messed up with the Steamer pitcher projections. When you put them through the Price Guide, all sorts of guys with 0 IP end up being more valuable than regular starters.

  5. Quick question for a noob to the site. BTW its awesome. When I am doing the price guide, the pitchers are getting different money values for certain categories even if projected the same. Example Verlander WHIP 1.08 Lee 1.08 but the values are $9 and $8. Or Medlen with a 1.10 WHIP has a $5 value while Hamels has a WHIP of 1.11 with a $6 value. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Nothing wrong. It’s partly just rounding (both WHIP and the $ value). The rest is the IP difference: If Verlander pitches more innings than Lee at the same high-quality WHIP, Verlander’s contribution is worth a little bit more.

    • No, the price guide uses the most scarce position in order to estimate the position adjustment. For example, if you put in Mauer as 1B and C, it would add a positional adjustment based on his status as catcher (since there is more position scarcity at catcher position compared to 1B). Also, To be clear, the order in which you list the positions does not matter.

      It helps to check out Mays four-part series on the old blog that explained how the price guide works. I don’t have the link right now but you can find it by searching lastplayerpicked.com on the Way Back Machine

      • That was how I understood it too, but I am in a points league where SPs are more valuable than RPs this year and the price guide seemed to slate all of the people I entered as SP/RP when I uploaded my projections as SPs. When I went back and just loaded them as RPs (removing the SP eligibilty) it jacked their value up.

      • I’m not sure if I get what you did. When you designate them all as RP’s, the Price Guide should jack up their values because they RP position would become much more scarce. one solution would be to just add any value you want to the final price of starters and subtract that value from the final price of relievers. This would essentially be the equivalent of modifying the positional adjustments to a level that makes sense to you.

        best of luck

  6. I got pretty wonky results when using the composites and adjusting for saves. For example, something like 47 for Andrew Bailey, and 26 for Hanrahan. Mariano was projected for 58 saves. Brian Wilson showed up for 46 saves despite not being on a team right now.

    • I’m not sure, but I think the adjust for saves and playing time might be last years adjustments. I don’t know that Mays has done those adjustments this year.

  7. Mays, thanks again for this great resource! I’m convinced that there is something wrong with the ERA and WHIP calculations. I’m trying to get values for a 10 team standard AL league, and it is spitting out results that I’ve never seen before from the price guide. Average SP’s have virtually no value, lots of SP’s have -$6 in ERA and/or WHIP and generic middle relievers are more valuable than many #3 starters. I think a bug got in there somehow.

    • Are you using the default numbers for SP/RP (rather than just 9 P)?

      When I do a standard AL-only league with 6 SP and 3 RP, I get Ricky Romero at $1 — looks reasonable for a 4.40/1.43 projection. I get David Robertson as the top setup guy at $5, and about 15 more with positive values below him. With about 15 closers, another 15 RP drafted (mostly $1-3) seems right.

      • Thanks, Mays! I ran it again and it seems fine. Not sure what I was doing wrong before. Thanks!

  8. has anybody been able to get the price guide working with your own projections? I get some weird spam error

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