2014 Price Guide at DraftBuddy.com

Several people have asked about a version of the Price Guide updated for 2014. Mike from DraftBuddy.com left a note in the comments here that he has added the Price Guide tool to the DraftBuddy site:


Not everything may be functional, but I appreciate his work in getting things going for this year.


11 thoughts on “2014 Price Guide at DraftBuddy.com

  1. Thanks Mays for the shout out. Just trying to help out where I can, and when someone pointed me over here with links to the source code, seemed like a no-brainer. I’ll definitely echo Ken’s thoughts showing appreciation to you for creating LPP.

  2. Thank goodness I found the site again this year. Last player picked is the best all the stats and AUCTION PRICES one one screen. I can do a quick cut and paste into my excel sheet i designed and be ready for the draft in 5 min cause of this site!

  3. Hi Bill. I know you already saw this on Twitter (thanks for the follow), but for the benefit of others, yes, the projections were updated this afternoon. Cheers.

  4. Oooh, I wish I lived nearby and could pataiciprte! I’ve blocked my own inner artist for so long and she’s so afraid to come out. This seems like the perfect safe space to explore. I’m just finally realizing it’s not about the finished product, or what things look like. It’s about the creation process itself! As usual you inspire me Jane!Sarah | Holistic Hot Sauce recently posted..

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