2014 Price Guide at DraftBuddy.com

Several people have asked about a version of the Price Guide updated for 2014. Mike from DraftBuddy.com left a note in the comments here that he has added the Price Guide tool to the DraftBuddy site:


Not everything may be functional, but I appreciate his work in getting things going for this year.


Price Guide Source Code Now on GitHub

A commenter suggested that it would be nice to have the source code for the Price Guide available. I’ve thought about that a bit as I find myself with fewer resources to devote to this site. The more I’ve considered it, I’ve decided that it’s a pretty good idea. So the Price Guide source is now available on GitHub:


I have always tried to be very transparent about how the Price Guide works — writing up a lengthy explanation of the full details on the old site. So I view this in that same spirit. Most of the Price Guide ideas aren’t mine, so I feel like I don’t have a claim for keeping them a secret. So now both the concepts and the implementation are out there for everyone to see.

I’ve put the code out under a Creative Commons license that reflects my desire for the Price Guide to continue to be free (that’s gratis, not libre). That means it’s only available for non-commercial use. I’ve always offered the Price Guide as a free tool, and I would like for it to stay that way.

With the limited functionality of its current parking spot, I hope that someone is at least interested in putting the Price Guide up somewhere that restores the ability to enter keepers, upload projections, and run in-season stat updates. (Of course, that might also involve some maintenance of player IDs and formatting projections.) I’d still be willing to help out a bit.

Even better would be if someone had the desire to take this to the next level. I’m sure lots of people could top the design of my current interface. I’m sure there are features that would make the Price Guide much better. (I’ve always had a plan for adding rest-of-season projections — let me know if you want the details.) If that’s you, here’s your chance to to do it.

I’ll keep the site up-and-running in the meantime. But it will probably be similar to the way it has been for the past couple of seasons with limited updates.